U12B invites you on a journey to rethink or re-imagine education. 

Our mission at U12B  is to transform students’ learning by harnessing the power of digital innovations and pedagogical sciences to reach their full potential and become passionate about using their knowledge and creativity to make the world a better place.

These are some of the key questions parents have of their children’s education which we collaborate with parents to unravel the answers:

  • Why is my child’s academic results not satisfactory?
  • My child has capacity issues to excel?
  • My child does not exhibit the essential habits to succeed?
  • Tuition is too costly?

Students who are under performing or aspiring to excel in a traditional classroom setting, can harness the power of U12B personalized mastery learning model  to break free from their currents entrapment. 

U12B personalised mastery learning model is derived from educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom’s seminal study of the “2 Sigma” problem. In accordance to Bloom, a student given the mastery based personalised tutoring who is performing at the 50th percentile in a traditional classroom can be elevated to the 98th percentile with personalised mastery learning.

U12B empowers students to seek, find and love their learning journey.