Let digital tuition disrupt teaching for better outcomes and efficiencies:

Benefits Of Digital Tuition For Teachers/Tutors:
1. Disrupt the cost structure by eliminating rents, office equipment, utilities, maintenance and others expenses for brick and mortar schools/tuition centres.
2. Automate manual administrative processes of enrolment, student participation tracking, student communication and fee collections.
3. Automate manual teaching processes such as lesson planning, file management, submission assignments, marking of both multiple choice and open ended questions.
4. Leverage reusable digital content such as videos, interactive pdf and games. You can check out the following URL for the top 7 content curators for education : https://raccoongang.com/blog/top-7-content-curation-tools-education/
5. Explore advanced teaching technologies such as summarise robot (summary and flash card); conversational robots (Q&A) and use of social media forum. Leverage on digital innovations to remove the manual costs of teaching.
6. Analytics enabled constant tracking of student’s participation and learning outcomes. Analytics drives outcome base learning in which learning must be validated with mastery.
7. Technologies enable blended learning, pre-learning, self-paced learning, peer learning, group projects and virtual classroom so that instructional strategies will meet the diversity of student learning needs, empowering every student the possibility to excel as compared to a traditional classroom teaching method.
8. Digital school can tap on global online human resources such as teaching and admin staff through Freelancers, Toptal and Upwork. Find the best freelance resources at the following URL : https://www.g2.com/categories/freelance-platforms
9. Digital school can tap on a borderless market. With digital marketing, market reach can be aligned to your imagination without the investment of another physical school. Digital school instead of having a physical school must build their presence in the digital world.
10. Remove travelling cost and time for tutors. This benefit alone is justifiably sufficient to pay for the use of U12B services.
11. Software As A Service (SaaS) model enable rapid migration to digital classes in a matter of weeks without hefty upfront investment. Tutors pays a fee for number of students per months. The cost of digital tuition is definitely more attractive than the cost of having a physical tuition centre.
12. “Covid-19 virus free learning environment” ignite our passion to build digital tuition for the long run. For more info on Home-Based Learning, goto: https://www.nie.edu.sg/teacher-education/useful-resources-for-HBL-WFH-EdCo/education-related-covid-19-articles.

Cost Comparison Calculator

To request for a calculator for cost comparison between traditional tuition and digital tuition, you may send us a mail at support@u12b.org.

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U12B Key Features:

Learning Management:Tuition Management:
1. Attendance1. Digital Marketing
2. Assignment Submission2. Enrolment
3. Assessment3. Lesson Planning
4. Multimedia Interactive Learning4. File Management
5. Gamification5. Fee Collection
6. Progress Tracking6. Students Record
7. Self-Pace Learning7. Staff Record
8. Team Collaboration8. Student Communication
9. Peer Learning9. Security
10. Web Conferencing