U12B E-learning platform has numerous benefits over a traditional classroom:

Value Propositions For Students:
1. Help busy students to organize their time with flexibility to study anytime anywhere.
2. Enable slower students more time to understand, pause, review and remember materials not possible in traditional classroom environment.
3. Learn through low stake failures by taking and re-taking assessments till mastery is obtained.
4. Enhanced learning experiences through pre-learning, smart interactive content, gamification and artificial intelligence.
5. Learn a lot by observing the activities of our peer through wiki, blogs, forums and chats.
6. Increase students’ participation through polling, chats, messaging and group activities to promote student centred, collaborative, inquiry, project-based and constructivist classroom.
7. Learn the art of self-regulated learning as activity based model combine activities into sequences with timely triggers to activate learning process.
8. Students are exposed to real expectations of responsible time management.
9. Remove the costs and time for travelling.
10. Covid-19 virus free learning environment.