Let digital disrupt teaching for better outcomes and efficiencies:

Value Propositions For Teachers:
1. High quality content can be created and become reusable assets.
2. Both multiple choices and open ended questions can marked without teacher intervention; questions can be stored in a question bank for reuse.
3. Summarise engine can created summary and flash card.
4. Personalised instructions based on the needs of each students.
5. Digital contents allow students to understand and remember content through pre-learning; so that teachers can spend more time to apply, analyse, and evaluate content.
6. Technologies shift the challenge to provide enough time and employ instructional strategies so that all students can achieve the same level of learning.
7. Reach out to a bigger pool of students without constraints of physical locations.
8. Change the cost structure for education – automate manual processes and removal of traditional expenditures such as rents, utilities, maintenance and others expenses.
9. Schools can tapped online human resources such as teaching or admin staff through Upwork and Freelancers
10. SaaS model imply no upfront investment for schools, or teacher, pay by number of students per month.
11. Remove the cost and time for travelling.
12. Covid-19 virus free learning environment.