U12B online learning platform for tuition has numerous benefits over a traditional classroom:

Benefits For Students:
1. Help busy students to organise their time with flexibility to study anytime anywhere. U12B has a calendar which display the schedule for online classes and submission dates for assignments. Workflow can send reminders to students on datelines.
2. Enable slower students more time to understand, pause, review and remember content (videos or other digital contents) not possible in traditional classroom environment.
The brighter students almost always drive the pace of learning in a traditional classroom; whilst the slower students confront difficulties in absorbing the content at same pace taught by the teacher. Slower students are now given the possibility to master content taught as much as they have the right attitude and diligence.
3. Learn through low stake failures by taking and re-taking assessments till mastery is obtained. The questions bank randomise questions for each test and automatically grade students. Students will only proceed till a certain score is achieved.
4. Enhanced learning experiences through pre-learning, smart interactive content, gamification and artificial intelligence. Our experiences in the world involves constant multi-sensory stimulation. Henceforth, multi-sensory protocols can better approximate natural settings and are more effective for learning.
5. Learn a lot by observing the activities of our peers through wiki, blogs, forums, chats or presentation in a web conferencing. Beyond the internal tools, U12B can integrate with external social platform. To encourage peers learning, Facebook can be an effective tool : https://www.onlinecollege.org/2009/10/20/100-ways-you-should-be-using-facebook-in-your-classroom/
6. Increase students’ participation through polling, chats, messaging and group activities to promote student centred, collaborative, inquiry, project-based and constructivist classroom. The opening up of interpersonal relationships and the active participation in the learning process are the two basic dimensions that fostered the growth in maturity of the students.
7. Learn the art of self-regulated learning as activity based model combine activities into sequences with timely triggers to activate learning process. As the world becomes increasingly dynamic, connected and digital, self-regulated learning skill becomes an inevitable skill to fend off redundancy.
At the heart of U12B is a powerful machine that guide students through a well-tested process to gain mastery of their studies assisted by both machines and human tutor. Through this repetition of the U12B process, students gain confidence, self-management skills and the art of learning. 
8. Students are exposed to real expectations of responsible time management. From a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom where students are allowed to make meaningful choices about their learning and are asked to manage their learning independently.
9. Remove the costs and time for travelling. Besides freeing up travel time for the students, parents are spared the time and effort for transporting their children back and forth from tuition.
10. Covid-19 virus free learning environment. As of the date of this article being updated, students in Singapore are expected to go back to school post the circuit breaker period on the 2nd of June, 2020. As for tuition, the Singapore government has not given any indicative day for resumption of tuitions. For more info on Home-Based Learning, goto: https://www.nie.edu.sg/teacher-education/useful-resources-for-HBL-WFH-EdCo/education-related-covid-19-articles

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