Education is a discipline that teaches you to think. Education is directed to helping each person freely make the correct decisions that will shape his or her life.  That person must own the freedom and responsibility to choose correctly, or when need be, to rectify an erroneous decision.  With freedom and responsibility properly exercised, a student is therefore ready to embark on the journey of self-regulated learning.

The goal of education is to help one achieve self-dominion. The most critical reason for carrying out a good action is “because I want to,” and that the educational task consists in fostering the good will: helping the person to “U12B” carry out the good. To exert oneself to achieve the required knowledge through a process of self-regulated learning.

At U12B, we uphold  the belief that students can transform difficult learning circumstances into successes when they are able to recognise, understand and display the will to adopt the effective means to overcome the challenges in their studies. 

Self regulated learners are successful because they control their learning environment. They exert this control by directing and regulating their own actions toward their learning goals. Read more about self-regulated learning at

U12B harness the power of educational technologies and pedagogical sciences to augment and facilitates many modes of learning: active, repetitive, group, peer to peer, personalised, blended and very importantly self-regulated learning.

U12B harness the power of pedagogical sciences such as pre-learning, repetitive, peer learning, personalised mastery learning, flipped classroom and  self-regulated learning.

U12B harness the power of digital tools such as videos, interactive content, games, quiz, forums, FAQ, chats and BOT.

At the heart of U12B is a powerful machine that guide students through a well-tested process to gain mastery of their studies assisted by both machines and human tutor. Through this repetition of the U12B process, students gain confidence, self-management skills and the art of learning. 

U12B transform a teacher-centred classroom to a student-centred classroom where students are allowed to make meaningful choices about their learning and are asked to manage their learning to optimize their potential. 

At the endpoint, students emerges as skilful self-regulated learners who is matured and agile  to tackle the dynamic changes of a world that is increasingly overwhelmed by AI and machine learnings.